Shannon Ruther

Owner/ RTT Practitioner

RTT Practitioner, QMHA, BSW

Specializing in Childhood Trauma, Addiction, Mental Health, Sexual Abuse, and Children with Behavioral and Emotional Issues.

Shannon did a student exchange program at UMASS, Amherst where she studied Sociology and Women's Studies. She attended UNLV for 4 yrs where she graduated with a BA in Social Work and was a member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society of Social Work. She went on to Graduate School at UNLV where she maintained a 4.0 GPA for 3 years studying Early Childhood Education. 

Shannon worked as a long term substitute teacher for 3 years at the Clark County School District teaching Kindergarten and working with ESL students teaching them to read. She did an internship at Department of Child and Family Services where she cross trained in all departments with an emphasis in working with abused, abandoned, and neglected children. She also did a second internship at Children’s Behavioral Services working with children with emotional and behavioral issues under 6 yrs of age. Her third internship was at Shade Tree Shelter where she was the activities coordinator for homeless children. 

Shannon further went on to study Hypnotherapy at the school of Marisa Peer where she trained to become an RTT Practitioner.
She also recently received her designation as a Qualified Mental Health Associate. 

Shannon is a single mother of two and in her spare time is a member of the Women’s Jewelry Association. She is also an artist/designer for her handmade jewelry and art shop where she created her own brand called HAS Jewels. She enjoys playing music, creating and spending time with her family and friends. She is a native of Las Vegas.

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