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Recommended by 17 people
Recommended by 17 people
I was going through a lot because of my business and I had some difficulty finding genuine friends that I could trust to open up to. She really...  Read more
May 17, 2023
Amani Kateeb
Shannon is an angel ! She helped me pass an exam without studying much and my bloating got better after going to her! I listen to her hypnotherapy...  Read more
May 10, 2023
Ariella Gold
This is the first time doing any kind of therapy like this I was a little doubtful and nervous. Shannon made it real comfortable she explained...  Read more
Apr 28, 2023
Jason Autrey
After my session with Shannon i dont deal with anxiety as much as before and my breathing is a lot better. I listen to her personal recording for me...  Read more
Apr 19, 2023
Alba Bjerkan
Shannon has help me so much she has gotten me off cigarettes and on to a healthy and happy life. she is also helping me with some other issues I...  Read more
Mar 31, 2023
Richard Duslak
Shannon is amazing. She has been helping me work through some childhood trauma that recently resurfaced and was causing me extreme anxiety. Because...  Read more
Nov 29, 2022
Jamie Stewart

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